Thursday, May 7, 2015

Special low price on Kasamba today

As many of you know I am usually $5.99 during the day on Kasamba but today I'm going to drop the price by a dollar. You can find me at this link

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Video chat site

I have just launched myself on a new and exciting site called Spiritum, for those of you who know it is simliar to Oranum but with far less hassles for both the experts and clients. I am here for the moment for the very low introductory price of 0.99 per minute.

Find me here

Monday, November 10, 2014

Celebrating 10 years on Kasamba

At the end of this month I am going to be celebrating ten years on Over that time I have had the honour of serving over 30,000 clients. It has been a privilege and I will be available there for another ten years.  

To book your personal reading go to

Mention this blog and get a price cut in the per minute free. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wishing everyone a Happy Summer Solstice

The word solstice comes from the latin word solstitium or sol (the sun) plus the word stit or -stes (standing), which basically means the sun is standing still. This feels like an accurate description, as during the summer solstice, we get 16 hours of day light.

Returning to Oranum

I am happy to anounce my return to I stopped there over a year ago as I didn't really have as much time to devote to it but I have now returned.

For an introductory period I will be priced around 3.99 a minute rising later.

You will be able to find me there from around 10am EST to Midnight EST seven days a week.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Email readings

For the longest time I didn't do email readings but since I have had so many requests for them recently I have started to offer them again. I can offer you email readings on several sites, Liveperson, Keen, and now Bitwine. The prices are on the case by case basis but they will be reasonable and confidentiality is guaranteed as always. 

I will be posting links below to the various sites that I am on that will offer this service and keep watching this space for more fantastic offers to come. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Card of the day

Hi guys I'm back with today's card of the day, which is one of the major arcana cards and it's reversed. The Emperor

Introduction: The Emperor in reverse can tell us that we are giving our heart more credence than what our mind and logic is telling us. In general that is not a bad thing; but ideally we would be balancing both. Use your mind AND your heart, this reversed card tells us. You may be easily distracted now and could find it hard to maintain your concentration and focus. Yet drawing the reversed emperor indicates that concentration and focus is vital now.
General: When you draw the Emperor in reverse, an older man, likely to be dark-haired, may be rubbing you the wrong way now. Try to look beyond his exterior and consider what it is that he may have to offer you that can be of use. Don’t get too irritated if he is trying to tell you what you “should” do; take the parts of his advice which are useful and ignore the rest.
Work: The reversed Emperor can indicate that you are not much in the mood for structured, formal work right now. However, obviously, you may not have a choice. Do the best you can to exhibit the structure and order that your job requires of you, but make sure to give yourself at least little mini-breaks to help yourself cope, if necessary.
Love: Organization or lack thereof can become an issue when the reversed Emperor shows in a reading. If you consider yourself to be an orderly, methodical person, you may have fallen for someone who is not (or that could be about to happen.) Consider where or how compromises can be made. If you don’t the relationship has next to no chance of working. 
Finances: If you struggle with finances and you have drawn the Emperor reversed, you may well need to seek outside assistance. Look for someone who is good at logic, order, and being methodical in terms of setting up budgets, dealing with taxes and cash flow, and so on. You cannot afford to take a haphazard approach when this card appears in this context.
Health: Again this card in reverse points to a need to get outside advice and to be logical, methodical, and orderly about how you are managing your body and your health. Increased self-discipline may be helpful. If you are struggling with a health issue, insights may come if you take the time to write down your symptoms, track them, and then see if anything in your life corresponds with how you are feeling.
Spirituality: When the Emperor appears in reverse, it can be a signal that a helpful spiritual advisor, (likely to be male and older than the querent) is nearby. One must be cautious when accepting spiritual advice from a “guru.” No human being is perfect, and it’s important that you listen to your own thoughts and intuition no matter what others say about a guru or teacher who is in, or who will be coming into your life. Learn from this teacher, but do not discard yourself in the process.

Back to an old site

Due to things being very quiet in the industry at the moment I find my self relaunching on sites that I haven't been on for sometime. Including the other sites that I am currently on, you can now find me on again as well, for a really low price.

Here is my link feel free to share it far and wide guy's.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

How to spot your relationship if your relationship is bad

One of the biggest questions that we get as psychics, is 'does he/she want the relationship"? I must hear this question about a dozen times a day, in various forms. so I'm going to do a quick post here to try to answer that question to an extent, at least from a psychic perspective.

Very often I find that couples, get past the honeymoon phase of a relationship, with no clear clue or plan of how to consolidate their relationship or work on communication. for a very 'connected' generation, in terms of personal relationships we are very isolated and I find that the age group of late teens, to late twenties, have  not really learned interpersonal skills the way earlier generations have done in the past.

Instant graitification both with technology, and media has conditioned us to 'expect', hollywood relationships without any real effort, on our parts

So here are some simple tips to get the relationship that you really want to have rather than simply continuing to make the same mistakes over and over again.

1. work on communication

This is the biggest one that I see in couples, they meet, fall in love etc and are maybe together for a number of years, but when the relationship starts to falter, they realise that they don't know the person they are with, and never really did and the blame game starts. very often this is made worse by the fact that people are conditioned, women especially (sorry ladies) that they should be passive and let the guy do all the 'work'. In the real world it doesn't work that way.

So what is required is to talk to one another, find common ground, whether that is a shared interest or similar career paths, communication is in my opinion, having done over twenty five years as a psychic advisor, one of the main, building blocks of any relationship.

2. Trust

Another big issue I find here, is that very often a negative pattern is set up and we find people bouncing from one unsuitable relationship to another, often over a course of years, and for some it's like they are trying to 'fix' a bad relationship from their past by proxy through other people, without looking at the fundemental reasons for why they have trust issues.

What I suggest to clients, is to first and foremost take a long hard look at their own behaviour before, automatically blaming their partner. Very often I find that, the partner, they are currently with, has in fact gone out of their way to try to show that they can trusted only to be accused on a frequent basis of not being faithful or honest and this leads to a great deal of resentment which often leads to quite spectacular break ups, with blame being thrown about, and nothing constructive being resolved for either party.

3. Intimacy,

Now this is also a big one, without the foundation of the first two, ie trust and communication, what I find is that clients very quickly start to question the intimacy of the relationship, and one of the big questions here is, 'are they thinking about someone else while we're doing it'?  That I find is a very difficult question to answer because clients dont really want to hear the answer, they are happier allowing themselves to remain in the same negative patterns and content to pass the buck onto others, rather than take responsibility for their own actions.

As always questions and comments on these posts are appreciated, and I will try to answer them as best I can.